Dear TEDx Family,

This year, the theme of our event is “MUSE” , the “Sources of Inspiration”…

New ideas always emerge from an inspiration or multiple inspirations. Furthermore, inspirations emerge from all kind of sources like subconscious, passions, objects, places, art, people, products etc…

We have intended to design an environment in which we emphasize the Sources of Inspirations that trigger Creative Ideas which might turn into or already turned to innovation that have direct impact on citizens and communities for increased quality of lives through valuable speeches specifically designed for “TEDxAnkaraCitadel” event.

By enabling this environment, our hope is to contribute to all of our lives in increasing the quality and efficiency of it through this journey...

We are looking forward to meeting with you at Gokyay Chess Museum on 30th of May, 2016.

With our Warm Regards,

Berrin Benli